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Made in Bangladesh

What is Bovine Leather?

Bovine or Cowhide leather is the most abundant and common leather source. It offers maximum value for texture, appearance, durability, and comfort. This leather is easy to care for, the least expensive due to its availability and is dirt and water-resistant. Bovine leather is one of the heaviest leather, making it very tough wearing and durable featuring a pebble grain appearance. Although it can be a bit stiff. Bovine leather is used for virtually every leather product including handbags and can be natural or dyed in an array of fashion colors.

Story Of Bovine Leather

The BOVINE LEATHER is a tannery and manufacturer of best quality Cow, goat & Buffalo’s finished leather, crust leather, wet blue split leather at a competitive price in Bangladesh since 2005.

The story of BOVINE LEATHER started in 1956 with a single tannery name CAPITAL TANNERY. After being inherited by previous generations to the next one in 2005 the BOVINE LEATHER became a parental company and overtook the CAPITAL TANNERY.

Our Production Unit

The BOVINE LEATHER has been set up on 2 factories with an area of 20,000 square feet each. The large production unit of BOVINE LEATHER includes Soaking, Fleshing, Liming, Deliming, Bating, Splitting, Shaving, Painting, Pickling, Degreasing, Tanning, Mineral tannages, Vegetable tannages, Neutralisation, Dyeing, Dry drumming, Buffing and Brushing, Samming and Finishing.

Factory Area : 20,000.00 square feet.


Production Units & Machine:

  1. Wet Blue Tanning

  2. Seaming

  3. Splitting

  4. Shaving

  5. Dye

  6. Setting

  7. Vacuum

  8. Hanging

  9. Tunnel


  11. Plate

Finishing Unit:

1. Spray Machine 9.5 feet width

2. Plate Machine

3. Polish Machine

4. Roller coat

5. Rotopress Machine

What We Do !

We are manufacturer and exporter of leather and every kind of leather accessories. Mainly we produce Cow, goat & Buffalo’s finished leather, crust Leather, wet blue and split leather.

The Bovine Leather is engaged in mass production of leatherwear, leather made accessories such as handbags, wallet, belt, backpack and brand’s cloth-making garment’s leather sticker, etc various leather accessories. However, it is also making jute and cotton made accessories wine/shopping bags.

Why Choose Us:

Bovine leather an unparalleled mix of value, consistency, responsiveness, and advancement. As the years progressed, we have developed our experience to offer dynamic lines of cowhides. Our items incorporate conventional tannages and strategies, deliberately refreshed with modern applications.

Customer Satisfaction – Our most important responsibility is taking care of every customer’s needs. Expect 100% satisfaction every time you make a purchase or visit one of our locations. Your relationship with Bovine Leather is highly respected.

Global Presence – We regularly supply our leather, and leather accessories in India, Italy, China, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

Price – We always offer the best quality leather at a competitive price.

Quality – Top quality products from around the world.

Selection – We always provide the best grade complete leather.

Ordering – It’s easy to order using our website, the phone, or by mail.

Manufacturers & Distributors – We want your business. Call for large quantity prices. The more you purchase, the more you save.

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