Buffalo Finished Leather

The characteristic of Buffalo leather is thick and strong.

We prepare and make the tanning process Buffalo Leather with most care and technology. When it comes to the term of Buffalo Finished Leather we always emphasize on customers’ demand, texture, feel, smoothness and natural look to give it an exotic appearance.

The maximum thickness available in Buffalo Finished Leather 3.5 – 4.0 mm. We are very aware of selection as well to make customers more satisfied. Knife cut marks and any grain damages get cut off from the skins to bring the best selection/QC quality.

Another best of the best quality of Buffalo Finished Leather available with rectangle shape to feel customers more comfortable to make belts or other accessories by just open and cut method.

According to this best quality, the maximum length of buffalo finished skins can only be 52 – 56 inch in length and 36 inches in width. By cutting off shoulder part and belly side it gets a rectangle shape which is just ready to become a complete product.

As a result, there will be far more cutting value and material efficiency and little wastage.

The bovine leather is one of the best manufacturers of Buffalo finished leather in Bangladesh. We are also the manufacturer of safety shoe leather, which is made of buffalo finished leather. 

We are specialized in:

·         Buffalo Aniline, semi-aniline & semi-aniline Nappa finished leather

·         Buffalo Glazed finished leather

·         Buffalo Leather / Buffalo Finished Leather for safety shoes or Industrial shoes

·         Buffalo Embossed Finished Leather

·         Buffalo Milling Leather

·         Buffalo Polished finished leather

·         Buffalo Burnished finished leather

·         Buffalo Pigment & semi-pigment finished leather 

Therefore, we offer creatively innovated, modified and trend related range of Buffalo Finished Leather that is acclaimed for high quality and smooth finishing standards of varied thickness

Our Buffalo finished leather articles:

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