Crust Leather

For Shoes & Boots

A good training is our most prominent strength. Following that the types of Tanning also varies the crust leather’s attributes as well as chemical compounds and usage. The depending on the Tanning┬áthe characteristics seems a lot different in full Chrome training, semi vegetable training and Chrome free eco tanning. For shoes mostly the required thing is a break free and loose freeness thus even after handling while making the shoes no looseness or wrinkles appears on the shoe vamps or any other part.
It’s really hard to maintain a boot making process as it includes lots of handling and manual process. We are specialised in break free and loose free leather which we say even after handling no looseness will appear on the shoe. Also an endurance of the leather with toe lasting machine is mandatory. Before a leather at a crust stage passes our standard it has to go through tear strength, tensile strength fastness, durability test etc. To achieve this target the way we Tan and the ultimate product we get is CRUST leather.

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