Crust Leather

For Bags & Backpacks

What is Crust Leather?

Crust Leather is a type of leather that is in its raw and untreated state after the tanning process. This means that the leather has not been dyed or finished, and it has no protective coating or top layer. Crust Leather is used primarily in the manufacturing of bags, backpacks, and other leather goods, as it is a versatile material that can be further processed and finished in a variety of ways.

Once the Crust Leather is obtained, it can be processed and finished in various ways to achieve the desired look and feel. The leather can be dyed to create a variety of colors, and it can be treated with various finishes, such as wax or oil, to give it a smooth and shiny surface. The leather can also be embossed or stamped with patterns or designs to create a unique look.

Crust Leather is popular in the production of high-end leather goods, as it allows for greater creativity and customization in the design process. It is also favored for its durability and strength, making it ideal for use in bags and backpacks that need to withstand daily wear and tear.

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