Finished Leather

Finished leather is treated with a top covering. That is, the leather has a defensive layer that counteracts wear and tear, and it influences it to waterproof. Because of this layer of security, finished leather is less demanding to clean and condition contrasted with common or unfinished leather. The additional layer in finished leather likewise secures the leather shading as it doesn’t recolor as effectively and will oppose fluids. The defensive layer likewise furnishes the finished leather with its surface.

The way to making finished leather more often than not includes dunking in aniline color, covering with a pigmented pitch, and afterward applying a clear coat. This procedure leaves the leather shading without much profundity, not at all like the exceptionally rich shade of unfinished leather.

Our company is diligent to make wonderful finishing and perfect colors according to customer’s requirements.

Finishing on leather gets really attractive when it comes to the terms of an exotic look.

Our highly equipped facility allows us to maintain the best texture and long experienced technician brings the perfect look of finished leather.

Our Finishing unit’s capability is as below:

  • Polished finished leather
  • Burnished finished leather
  • Pigment & semi-pigment finished leather
  • Aniline, semi-aniline & semi-aniline Nappa finished leather
  • Glazed finished leather
  • Milled Nappa finished leather
  • Lining finished leather
  • Nubuck leather
  • Pull Up & Oil Pull Up
  • Patent and Oil Patent / Pull up Patent
  • Sparkling Finishing
  • Candy Nappa Finishing

What is fully-finished leather?

When the leather manufacturers make fully-finished leather out of any bovine leather, they apply a dye and protective layer on the leather that makes the leather more durable and resilient to damage than the other leather articles.  You can consider this process like painting drywall.  It actually forms a barrier between the leather and the air.


What does fully-finished leather look like?

Basically a full-finished leather can be glossy, matte and naked (natural look like crust leather) with a little bit of a shine to it. There are various types of finishes like polish finish, crazy horse finish, burnish finish, pull-up finish, aniline finish, pigment finish, metal finish, and patent finish. Below are the details of the characteristic of these various leather finishes.

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