Leather made Shoelaces

The history of shoelaces is thousands of years old. At the very first time, ancient peoples used shoelaces for the same reasons we currently use them, experimenting with materials to influence comfort, fit and style. Archaeologists think that about 5,000 years ago, at the time of the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age, cavemen and women also used specific leather made shoelaces designs to differentiate between tribes.

Well, throughout history, man evolved and on the follow-through shoes and shoelaces also evolved changing with our environments, fashion trends, recreational and professional needs. Along with the fiber shoe laces, leather made shoelaces are also used nowadays.


Leather Shoe Laces of Bovine

After first concentrating on producing the best quality leather for footwear, from the start of the 2013- the bovine leather became specialize in the tanning and cutting of hides to produce leather made shoelaces.

Leather made shoelaces are ordinarily found on boat shoes. Our leather made shoelaces are available in any color, tone-on-tone or two-tone through-dyeing, and are produced from skins that are drum-processed only with pure aniline dyeing. The result is a natural finish lace of excellent quality, resistant, soft to the touch and holds its bow well. Our laces are periodically tested by the specialist from footwear like Apex Footwear.

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