Leather Safety Gloves

Bovine Leather is one of the largest manufacturers of cow split suede or split leather made safety gloves maker/ producer in Bangladesh. Our 30,000 sqft and huge equipment allows us to produce more than 500,000 pairs a month. Our production includes safety leather gloves, welding gloves, and construction gloves. 

These leather gloves are made of the following material: Split leather, Suede leather, Nylon, Cotton, and cotton.

In our factory we emphasize on women empowerment and employment, as a result, we tried to create an environment-friendly to the women.


The types of Safety Leather Gloves we make:

1. Welding Safety Gloves/ Welding safety split leather made gloves

2. Construction Safety Gloves/ Construction safety split leather made gloves

3. Automobile industry safety Gloves/ Automobile safety split leather made gloves

4. Firefighter fire proof safety gloves/ fire resistant safety gloves/ fire proof safety split leather gloves

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